Buy Organic Citrus!

It’s usually unclear when it’s okay to buy inorganic vs. organic. EVERY TIME you use citrus zest in a recipe though, buy organic.

Zest is when you grate the peel and add it into your meal. It’s a good idea to ensure that peel is as clean as possible, especially from pesticides and other toxins that could have been used to farm it. Buying organic citrus ensures this won’t be of issue for you!

If you can’t figure out what to eat for breakfast, people usually keep bananas to grab fast. Always bring a banana to a party, but don’t eat it as a backup meal. Bananas on their own leave me bloated and forever hungry. I recommend always having a grapefruit at hand. Half a grapefruit with yogurt is the perfect quick and healthy breakfast you may have never thought of.




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