Update : What’s to Come

After a long semester at University of Maryland, I was excited for a lazy summer of cooking, hiking, and reading the entirety of my personal library that has grown to the size of a small bookshop.  If I don’t spend my money on food, it’s spent on books. The deficit in my bank account is so awful, it’s comparable to Trump’s tan. Instead of those lovely days of lounging around, pretending I have my life together, I actually have to work and do just that. A summer class, camp counseling, and a retail job will definitely help me make up for all the well spent money on food, but I’m quickly losiIMG_9956ng my mind (not like I was sane in the first place though). I can’t tell you the last full night of sleep I got, but then again, I’m the type of person that will stay up binge watching The Office when I know I have to get up at 6:00 the next morning. I’m like a kid who complains that her tummy hurts, but then eats an entire bag of gummy bears anyway.

With everything that’s going on right now, I fear I have little time to write my recipes out and my blog posts. So far, I’m not as pleased with how many of my recipes are up. Whenever I get free time, I’ll be trying to get posts up. The hardest part is getting the photos edited and perfect. If you can bear with me, I’d like to provide you quality posts, rather than quantity. I’ll be posting about meat scrap dog food (how to reduce food waste), my FAVORITE chicken marinades, desserts galore, and more interesting stuff that I don’t want to divulge right now! I just have to remind myself I can actually do this


I’m shooting to post each Sunday and Monday. Hopefully, I’ll get more time. Trying to prioritize things in my life is no easy task.Instagram-4829a7



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