What to Keep in Your Fridge : Baking

Time and time and time and time….. again I’ve forgotten to check my fridge to make sure I had all the ingredients listed in a recipe for something I was baking. Eventually, I had a self realization moment as I was violently cussing at the top of my lungs in my car because I had, yet again, forgotten to buy eggs (that’s what I ALWAYS forget). It was like I needed to go buy all the self-help books I could just to tell me plainly ” don’t be a dumb ass.”

I don’t know of any cookbook that’ll do that Don’t be a dumb ass! To put it in a nicer and more direct way, ALWAYS BE PREPARED. The easiest solution to stupidity is critical thinking. I’ll make it easy for you though.


If you want to bake, you should keep essentials at hand all the time, both in the pantry and the fridge. I previously wrote about what to keep in your pantry for baking. Now I’d like to address what you should always have at hand in the fridge to be a bad ass baker, not a dumb ass one.

  • Butter : Always have a stick or two of unsalted butter in the fridge if you want to make cakes and cookies. Remember to let them soften before cooking unless otherwise stated in the recipe
  • Milk : I love using whole milk. You can use 2% or skim, but I really think the full fat is better
  • Eggs : Brown or white, fresh or organic, to me it doesn’t matter with cooking. Farmers market eggs are delicious, but if you’re making three cakes and cookies, it’s extra money you don’t need to spend. I’m always going to advocate for locally produced food with proper animal rights practices though.
  • Applesauce : Always get the no sugar added version. You don’t need to refrigerate it until it’s opened.
  • Greek YogurtI’ve already written a post about the amazing things you can do with plain Greek yogurt. Buy it! Full fat or low fat, doesn’t matter.
  • Maple Syrup : Get the real stuff, not the watered down corn syrup with brown food coloring. It’s a bit expensive sometimes, but I think it’s a great white sugar substitute and just as good as honey!
  • Sour Cream : This is more of an optional thing to keep in the fridge. Some of the best coffee cakes, muffins, and biscuits use sour cream.

Keep these on your grocery list whenever you run out and you’ll be good to go whenever you decide to go full out Great British Baking Show.



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