Iron Rooster in Baltimore


My main goal in life is to be like Bilbo Baggins: Break out of my comfort zone and anxiety prone family to go on an adventure. Also, how can you enjoy any journey without second breakfast, brunch, and lunch? Whenever I go out, I keep that in mind. Half the fun of traveling is eating.

Menu Bmore

Although many of the restaurants I love are not very far away, I usually make a day trip when I visit them. Baltimore is much more fun if you’re going for both brunch and baseball. The PLACE TO GO, always, is the Iron Rooster.

Rustic, original, and just a tad bit hipster, the Iron Rooster stands as one of my favorite brunch places. This restaurant serves breakfast all day, with lunch and dinner options that are out-shined by homemade poptarts and BLT & E sandwiches. As I write this, I’m drooling thinking about all the things I have yet to try on the menu. Trust me, I would have already eaten my way through this place if it were closer to home. There are currently two locations; one in Annapolis, the other in Baltimore. Both are a bit of a drive for me, and a wait for everyone, but it’s always worth it.

Inside Bmore

If you appreciate quality food, you’ll love this place. I promise brunch isn’t just for people who think they’re posh. A nice plate of breakfast tacos or chicken n’ waffles is so satisfying at noon for ANYONE. There’s no snobery at this place either. The atmosphere is laid back and welcoming; and so are the prices. A delicious meal here costs a little more than a meal at your most mediocre Panera or sandwich place.

If you’re in Maryland, or live here, take a trip to Annapolis and look for the Iron Rooster near the harbor. It’ll seem like a hole in the wall, but you’ll never forget it. You can always stop by in Baltimore before an O’s or Ravens game. Just get there early; there’s a reason you have to wait an hour! Everyone else had the same great idea.

My 1467650675759personal recommendations :

  • Housemade Poptarts
    • Mixed Berry (my favorite), Dulce de Leche, or the Apple Pie
  • BLT&E Sandwich (Fried green tomato. Enough said)
  • Breakfast Tacos (Pork belly, even better than regular bacon)
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Crab Cake Benny


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