Odd Thoughts : August 7th

After working two jobs and taking a class this summer, I can proudly claim I am still alive. However, I can’t say I’m unscathed. Being a camp counselor is like being a mom to thirty kids all at once. All the yelling and talking back doesn’t take away from how much fun it really was. Pool every day; arts and crafts with 5 year olds. It certainly brought out the inner kid in me when one of the little girls would look up at me, smiling and proud, to claim she just farted. I don’t know how, but I almost forgot to mention all of the questions I got about marriage and a boyfriend. All of the kids were convinced that I should be married at twenty with three children and a house.


Overall though, my summer has been an A+ for work, but a C- for a healthy lifestyle. I definitely was active every single day chasing kids around and playing “Catch the Counselor” in the pool. My diet though was like a kid’s dream. I snacked way to often, and I don’t think I’ve ever baked so much in my life. Unfortunately I’ve compromised my healthy lifestyle, even though this was mostly because I wanted to post for this blog and my instagram.

Going forward, I’m not going to be posting as many dessert recipes or snacks. I now have time to focus on the best stuff, my healthy but still damn delicious, meals. I’ll probably work my way down from breakfast to dinner. We’ll see!



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