Peace Pie in St.Augustine, FL

This place was groovy man

I had to say that for my sanity. Peace Pie was absolutely groovy though, I promise. I got so excited when I found it down a little alley way. The store made its mark in St.Augustine with its original take on ice cream sandwiches.

I wouldn’t think to get an ice cream sandwich unless I was in the grocery store and they were on sale, but these were of a different type all together. Between two cookies is a large serving of rich ice cream and pie filling. Fillings were not just fruit based, like apple pie or cherry. Peace Pie used moose of all kinds, caramel, brownies, and the works. I’d never seen anything like it. From red velvet to creme brulee, to a banana cream pie or a blueberry cobbler, this place has it all.

I can’t even count the flavor combinations. It probably took me five minutes to decide, and I was rushed by Holly.  To be honest Holly actually decided for me. I turned to her and said “Which one is most Megan?” (I was speaking in third person, it was awful). She picked a french toast ice cream sandwich. I rushed out of the store as it was about to close. It may have been apparent that I had a few too many drinks as I danced through the streets like a child who just convinced her parents to get her what she wanted.

It was delicious, and it wasn’t because I was drunk that I’m saying this. Holly tried it too, which was just reassurance. We both groaned. You could smell the cinnamon. The pie filling perfectly complemented the ice cream and cookie. It was sweet, but not too sweet.  The sandwich didn’t completely fall apart till the end, and by then I didn’t care at all.


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