Odd Thoughts: August 25th on Settling

You can totally disagree me with me, but why would you? What I’m about to say makes complete sense, at least to me…. Oh no, I guess there’s the possibility then that you’ll think I’m totally crazy, coocoo for cocoa puffs even.

Don’t settle. You deserve the very damn best and if that’s not what you’re getting, fucking get it.

Now I know this is coming from privilege, the young, relatively attractive girl with brown hair and blue eyes and a somewhat financially secure family, but I think it should apply to everyone; not neo-nazi’s of course but it looks like they are getting everything they fucking want with from this president (actually crying tho). No matter what you look like or how you live your life, you shouldn’t have to settle.

“Where is this coming from Megan?”

After talking with my parents, grandparents, going on shitty tinder dates, making compromises just to make my life easier, I realized I know too many people, including myself, that don’t get what they want or do exactly what they want to do. I understand that life gets in the way. Things get difficult; I know that better than anyone. For your sake and mine though, don’t give up.

I am insanely passionate about cooking, but obviously not enough. Two years ago, I was about to drop out of school and go to the Culinary Institute of America to become a chef. That was the only career I had ever consistently wanted to do (besides becoming a Pixar animator but I’m an awful artist and no one had the heart to tell me). Instead, I stayed at the University of Maryland. Where boyfriend of four years was. Where everything was comfortable. Where it made financial sense to stay. Where I was secure. I talked myself out of one of my only dreams for a future that now doesn’t exist (I thought I was going to get married to that guy but as you can tell from earlier, I’m going on tinder dates soooo.).

This is one of the biggest regrets of my life. I’m a senior at UMD now, about to get a degree in something I love. There are few complaints I have about my amazing, messy life and all the amazing friends I have, but I will always wonder what it would have been like to  follow my dream and say “fuck it” to everyone else.

And then I mean, there’s settling in relationships. That has always led to troubles, and usually they were unsolvable. I just want to rant at this point and it doesn’t solely have to do with my own experiences:

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re dating someone and they are always on their phone around you, but can never answer your damn texts, you deserve better. If that person says fucked up shit, you’re too good for them! Move on. If they don’t take your views or thoughts seriously, dump them. If you find yourself always asking the questions and never being asked anything in return, it’s a goddamn long term interview that needs to end without a job offer. If they seem sweet, then ghost you after you hook up, don’t you dare chase after them. If you feel something is off but you’re still trying to make it work, don’t settle.

I’m no expert on dating or relationships, but I know this to be true; you deserve so much more than these people have to offer.

And there are so many other things other than relationships that you shouldn’t settle on. Go out and get your dream car someday. Backpack around Europe if that’s your dream! Have five babies and a big house one day if that is what you truly yearn for. It’s SOOO much easier said than done but you know what’s not easy?

Getting to the end of your life, being in a marriage you don’t want to be in, driving a car you hate to a job you despise, remembering all the things you wish you did and probably could have done.

I’m not doing that shit.


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