Oddly Dating: A New Series

If you don’t know me personally, this title probably seems like I’m going to start sharing WAY too much information with the world. I guess even if you do know me, it still seems that way. I’m already a freak, so how is oddly dating different for me than regular dating?

Hear me out

I’m a single pringle, and I intend to stay that way after five years of being in and out of relationships. Doing things for myself is a necessity at this point which includes writing this blog!

So I had an idea.
Although I really want to be single right now and just chill out, I’m a huge fan of going out on dates and doing everything couples do, especially in the autumn. At first I thought:

“Maybe I should just go by myself, take myself out on dates and sit alone in a restaurant with no one to talk to yay….”

Maybe not.

Instead, I’m going to date like the odd person I am. I’m going to date my friends. All the art gallery visits, hole-in-the-wall DC restaurant dinners, zoo trips, and farmers market adventures I can’t get enough of are going to be times spent with a lucky friend each time. And no, I’m not some lonely cat lady even though there’s literally nothing wrong with that (rock on my feline females). I wrote about recently not settling, getting what you want. That’s exactly what I’m doing; going out where I want with people I care about and not settling.

I’ll share all the juicy details here of the laughs at my not funny jokes and wine drunk gossipy nights. Stay tuned.


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