Environmental Podcasts I Enjoy

For those of you that already enjoy podcasts or are looking to get into this addictive habit, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite earth related podcasts.

I’ll come back and update this with more recommendations as I explore. Any Samsung users out there (hello, you’re awesome. stay unique.) I recommend downloading a podcasting app from the playstore. I use one called Podcast Player, but there are tons out there. If you have an iPhone, you should already have a podcast app.

Living on Earth:

This is a great podcast for everything from environmental justice to endangered species conservation. It’s my go-to update on anything happening around the world related to environmental themes. I appreciate that they frequently have prominent special guests on, as well as usually a storytelling segment describing a small snippet of an animal’s interesting life.

Science Friday:

Classic NPR segment featuring the best voice in radio, Ira Flatow. The show isn’t always about environmental themes, but you can pick and choose based on titles of the shows. It’s usually released every week in two parts, which can be a little much for me, so I choose the topics in which I’m most interested.

Trump on Earth:

One of the most relevant podcasts now focused on environmental law and regulations in the era of Trump. If you think you know all of the insanely irresponsible and terrible things the administration has done for the environment, think again. This quick, informative show lays it all out for you. The only downside is how quickly things are changing, making it more difficult to go back and enjoy older episodes.



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