So let me start off by saying clearly I’m a passionate person. Whether that relates to my passion (maybe even obsession, let’s be real) for Harry Potter, abstract impressionist artists, Childish Gambino’s newest album, or cooking and traveling, I really go all in. That’s why I’m here, writing this now for you to read and enjoy.

But why exactly should I have a food and travel blog? I’m not a chef, nor am I a food critic. I haven’t traveled around the world. I don’t pretend to know everything about cooking; however, I hate how inaccessible and daunting it can be to learn about food, culture, and travel. So I made this for you (also I clearly made it for me, writing these blog posts takes me so damn long I must get some enjoyment out of it).

I also do this because I may not be a chef, but I’ve been a home cook for a while, and after all this time, I’ve suffered enough at being bad so you don’t have to do the same. Below is my little story…

At two years old, my feet hung from any chair I sat on with no promise of reaching the floor any time soon. The favorite spot of mine to dangle was on a stool next to my grandma (aka Nini) in the kitchen. We were partners in crime, baking badasses (she’d do all the work and I’d add the sprinkles). Most of the time, the batter wouldn’t even make it into the oven. When it did though, the fruits of “our” labor were f*cking delicious. If I got my love of baking and cooking from anyone, it was her.

I sure as hell was not born with a natural talent in the kitchen though. Unfortunately for the rest of my family,  as I progressed and began actually cooking during my tween and teen years, my food was life changing…. nearly life ending. If it weren’t for that little amount of knowledge I had on food safety, I probably would have killed my family (raw chicken is no joke my friends). It’s probably not in my best interest to tell you this, but I sucked. I literally had no idea what I was doing, but after my parents divorced, and both were constantly away on business trips, I didn’t really have a choice. Nightly I’d hear “Too much salt, overcooked, not enough sugar, maybe a little more spice.” These phrases repeated again and again when my brother and sister ate my food. I kept trying though, kept fixing things, changing cooking times, prepping food much earlier so we didn’t all eat at 9pm (literally all the time for me now though).

Huge Misconception: If you can’t naturally do something that is relatively artistic, you don’t have talent and you should quit… and you suck, boo you.

What a load of bullshit.

I’m not a natural born chef, and I certainly haven’t always been good at cooking, but I’m super passionate about it! I wanted to learn, and I saw food as a very important part of my life, especially when I began cooking for my own health. All the criticism I got from sucking and failing, and continuing to try, got me to where I am now; writing this blog so that you don’t have to fail as much as me!! At twenty two years old, I can confidently say I’ve had a fantastic 20 years of adding sprinkles, but also cooking and baking so much more. Although it is not my career, cooking is my passion and an essential part of my everyday life, and I hope you can feel the same after reading this.