Quick Tip: Just Banana Ice Cream

I’m always making banana bread with my browning bananas. Don’t get me wrong; it’s absolutely delicious and I eat the entire loaf. There in lays the problem though!
I needed a better use for my bananas than baked goods or I was going to be made of banana bread. I found out on Pinterest that you can make banana ice cream just by freezing the bananas you have that are ripened!
All you need is a plastic bag, ripe bananas, a freezer, and a blender.

Yes, it is that easy.

I’ll let you in on my favorite recipes later on, but I’ll explain the method real quick so you can start living your amazing new life with banana ice cream included.


Cut up the RIPE bananas and put them in a plastic bag. Freeze those little suckers until they are hard (I’ll usually just leave them in there for a day or so). Once frozen, throw them into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. This may take a bit and your roommates/neighbors will hate you for it but it’s 100% worth it. It you like it a bit firmer, put it back in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Take it out, and enjoy your creation!

Whole Wheat Flour Quick Tip

Whether it’s whole wheat or white whole wheat flour, you are going to have to be careful while using it when baking.


This flour is tricky and sticky. If you are making a batter, ensure that you DO NOT OVERMIX. The best way to make certain you don’t is to only mix until you can’t see any loose flour. If its all blended, STOP. I avoid using a hand or stand mixer. Use that “I LIFT” arm strength and mix it by hand.

What will overmixing do?

If you overmix your batter, whatever is being made will be edible…. it just won’t be that good. The product will be stiff and without fluffiness. It may be too dense, especially in the case of bread.

Buying Local : Quick Tip

Quick Tip:

Buy Local!

Eating locally grown and sold produce is good for the local economy and the environment. If the farm is owned by a family nearby, the food doesn’t have to travel as far, reducing the greenhouse gas footprint by a lot! The food is usually fresher and tastes even better đŸ™‚


I’ve made a post about this and will go into further detail about it in an upcoming post.

Citrus Advice


It’s usually unclear when it’s okay to buy inorganic vs. organic. EVERY TIME you use citrus zest in a recipe though, buy organic. Zest is when you grate the peel and add it into your meal. It’s a good idea to ensure that peel is as clean as possible, especially from pesticides and other toxins that could have been used to farm it. Buying organic citrus ensures this won’t be of issue for you!


If you can’t figure out what to Grapefruiteat for breakfast, people usually keep bananas to grab fast. Always bring a banana to a party, but don’t eat it as a backup meal. Bananas on their own leave me bloated and forever hungry. I recommend always having a grapefruit at hand. Half a grapefruit with yogurt is the perfect quick and healthy breakfast you may have never thought of.

Kale Tip

If you want to include kale in a salad, smoothie, or quinoa bowl, cut it up to the point that it’s nearly shredded! Kale is tough, and preparing it this way will help you while eating to enjoy it rather than having to chew like a cow through the meal.