Eating Healthy is Eating Normal

When you go grocery shopping, what is your cart full of? Where do you spend the most time when you're there? What do you cook? If you never cook, you may not even know the answer to those questions. Unfortunately as a student, at least at the University of Maryland, I'm not in close proximity … Continue reading Eating Healthy is Eating Normal


My Garden

Living in College Park was a constant reminder of what I missed at home; my garden. In the concrete stop between Baltimore and D.C, there was little room to grow anything unless it was at the school. I discovered, a bit too late, about the community garden plots I could have rented. Now I'm home, … Continue reading My Garden

Buy Organic Citrus!

It's usually unclear when it's okay to buy inorganic vs. organic. EVERY TIME you use citrus zest in a recipe though, buy organic. Zest is when you grate the peel and add it into your meal. It's a good idea to ensure that peel is as clean as possible, especially from pesticides and other toxins … Continue reading Buy Organic Citrus!