Peace Pie in St.Augustine, FL

This place was groovy man I had to say that for my sanity. Peace Pie was absolutely groovy though, I promise. I got so excited when I found it down a little alley way. The store made its mark in St.Augustine with its original take on ice cream sandwiches. I wouldn't think to get an … Continue reading Peace Pie in St.Augustine, FL


Spring Break in St.Augustine, FL

Hello all you lovely people! Hopefully wherever you are you aren't too cold. If so you're about to be incredibly jealous of what you're about to read. I'm in Floridaaaaaa It's almost the end of spring break for me unfortunately, but I'm here for the rest of the week visiting my best friend, Holly. We're … Continue reading Spring Break in St.Augustine, FL

Williamsburg, VA

It's funny how some people are enthralled by a vacation to Florida or the Caribbean. How can I blame them though? The warm weather and clear blue ocean is a happy place for nearly anyone. It's a bit overrated though (and by overrated, I mean it's too damn expensive for a college student). You can … Continue reading Williamsburg, VA

Iron Rooster in Baltimore

My main goal in life is to be like Bilbo Baggins: Break out of my comfort zone and anxiety prone family to go on an adventure. Also, how can you enjoy any journey without second breakfast, brunch, and lunch? Whenever I go out, I keep that in mind. Half the fun of traveling is eating. … Continue reading Iron Rooster in Baltimore